A sometimes technical diary of an aspiring wanderer, adrift in the stream of the events


Campagnola #01 is the first upcycled bike build  of the Campagnola series, meant for mixed paved and unpaved roads  
29+ custom bike

Tempesta Build

Under the name Tempesta (storm) I build custom bikes that specialized in offroad touring and bikepacking.
Bikepacking on Campo Imperatore, Gran Sasso

Bikepacking in the Appennine Mountains

In November 2016 I was solo bikepacking for four days on the Appenine Mountains of Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo
knards 29+ tread

Knards 29+ on asphalt

In a perfect world, 29+ wheels would exclusively roll on the trail. But if you likely live in an urbanized area, your rubbers will bite some asphalt at some point...
tire installation on ghetto tubeless on knard 29

29+ Tubeless Conversion (split tube method)

Set up a split (ghetto) tubeless for 29+ wheels without a compressor and with wild bikepacking in mind

The Islands

Circumnavigation of three Mediterranean islands: Corsica, Sardinia and San Pietro Island, all by bike

Ascent to the Roman Volcano

This has been one my very first ride with a fully laden bike. I wanted to test a nice and sometimes steep ascent in preparation of a planned journey. I made a rare early rise for a late riser like me: 5 a.m. of a hot mid summer new day. I…

Circeo’s Natural Sanctuary long ride

Passing through the biosphere of a Unesco natural reserve, the roads of the Pianura Pontina are almost desert during springtime. Lakes, seashore, countryside and the forest are the ingredients of a perfect travel through primeval nature.