Ascent to the Roman Volcano

This has been one my very first ride with a fully laden bike. I wanted to test a nice and sometimes steep ascent in preparation of a planned journey. I made a rare early rise for a late riser like me: 5 a.m. of a hot mid summer new day. I was  ready to pedal at the very first light of the dawn. A misty, earth-scented air filled my nostrils and guided me. Having loaded the bike to the impossible, 50 kg of payload, I rode the first kilometers feeling like taming a bucking and heavy horse.  As I reached the first series of hills, the sun rose enough and begun to scorch while the air reached 30 C degrees . “I have to explore my limits, and it cannot be done by saving anything for the day after” I thought. But hey, the first time you climb with such load it’s a hard challenge. Then it becomes an ordinary task.

If you like graphs and numbers, find them here or just jump below to see some pictures taken during this ride

Total distance: 68.36 km
Total climbing: 1372 m
Average speed: 22.35 km/h

Monte Cavo rises from the mist of the dawn and the Roman suburbs housing

Monte Cavo rises from the mist of the dawn and the Roman suburbs housing. The view is great, but I’m running behind schedule. It’s August and the Sun inexorably climbs faster than me and I bet he will be pleased to make me melt down on the asphalt.


Still surrounding Monte Cavo.

Monte Cavo and the lake of Albano

I circled the mountain like a shark with its prey for a while this year. This volcanic rock has been a kind of obsession. I tackled it for the first time in a cold morning of December.

The water basin below is one of the many capped craters of the Vulcano Laziale, a larger volcano that exploded many years ago. It is freaking deep. Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard came here in the 80’s with one of his underwater vehicles to complete some studies.

Roman countryside

The Roman countryside is just like the Roman painters painted it. Wonderful scenes like this are still there, unaffected by the urban growth, and not too far from the city center.

Castelli Romani

The Roman Volcano, or Vulcano Laziale under a magnificent cloud. See the skyline? this is just what remains of a beast. Can you trace the tip of the original volcano? it should be between the 2 highest visible peaks… but it is gone around 5000 years ago in a big boom.

The bike, a Cinelli Hobo, with a heavy load.