Campagnola #01 is the first upcycled bike build  of the Campagnola series, meant for mixed paved and unpaved roads.

This particular build has been completed to make it affordable. Many working parts have been recycled. All ball bearings have been overhauled replacing the balls and regreased.
The frame is a lugged italian steel custom frame, a tough one even though not feather light (it weights about 2.2 kg). Drop outs are steel forged (not stamped) horizontal Campagnolo style. The rear derailleur is a vintage Suntour Vx very well preserved and beautifully working. It has been successfully coupled with 7 indexed gears downtube shifters. To install a 34 tooth cassette, an extension to the derailleur hanger has been setup.    Indexed gearing mode can be switched turning a knob in case the derailleur hanger gets bent by accident.

The crankset is a beautiful and vintage original Ofmega. The outer 52 tooth ring has been taken out. Such big ring is indeed not very suited for the purpose of this bike, and a 1x gravel bike is more practical and reliable.

The Frame has been prepped by mechanically stripping the old paint and superficial rust. It has been treated with anti-silicon de-greaser prior to be primed. Eventually 4 coats of bi component semi matte paint have been sprayed and then baked for a durable barrier from scratches and rust. The tubes have been treated inside with a special protectant from inside rusting.
The complete bike is light (9.5 kg) and surprisingly fast. I didn’t really expect such a fast bike, especially on paved roads. Probably the Panaracer Gravel King tires (35mm) at the right pressure helped to achieve such performance. Also since the client wanted peace of mind, we poured some anti puncture liquid in the tubes. Being the tires already puncture resistant, the odds of a flat should drop to almost zero.

The brooks saddle in the photo is a b15 swallow limited edition black with nice copper rails and rivets. The client opted for a regular edition of the brown swallow saddle to keep costs down. Therefore the limited edition saddle is still available in the accessory section.