I broke almost everything on my bike during my travels, but a wheel.  I am so concerned that a wheel fails catastrophically that I put a lot of effort in preventing even the slightest issue with a wheel.
Break anything else and you’ll still be able to push the bike and all its load, as a last resource. Break a wheel and you run is over, usually in the middle of nothing.

For all these reasons I prefer the peace of mind and wheels that are made to last. The ingredients are: a selection of solid rims, the right spokes and nipples, hubs that require very low maintenance and last dozens thousand kilometers. Add some grease at the nipple-rim interface, pre-bend the spokes at J-bend – hub interface, pre stress and relieve the spokes… I’m in no rush when building a wheel.

To date I never snapped a single spoke, but I admit that anyway  I always carry with me some spares! I order about 10 more spokes per wheel couple. These spare spokes will be handed over to you also along with the wheels, so you will have the spares too, without the hassle of measuring them, figuring the brand/model out and eventually find them. It’s not that you will often need those spares spokes, but the day you’ll have to fight with a grizzly (who ever didn’t fight a bear once in their live?), your wheels at least will be covered. Also carry some honey to calm the bear down and make him your best friend.

Front wheel that I built for my personal bike: Dynamo hub SON Schmidt with cable running inside fork. 180mm disc rotor: more stopping power and no interference between spokes and caliper.