In order to fund my journeys I make my experience available to build tailored bikes for you. I can build a bike in all its parts and, more importantly I can give my advice on components do you really may want to suit your particular needs. I focus on touring and trekking bikes in all their forms: expedition bikes, bikepacking machines, commuting and utilitarian bikes.

I also love to up-cycle old road frames and convert them into city bicycles, road bikes, gravel bikes or light bikepacking bikes.

Why go with a custom bike instead of a stock one? 

Bike touring is a multifaceted task. At some point every cyclist needs some modification on their bikes and adapt them to their specific trails or roads and needs.
Everything in a bike+rig is very connected. Can’t you live without your laptop? then you need a different well damped space, different voltage from your battery and charger, different attach points and racks, etc.

It’s hard to find a bike that is ready for real world touring out of the box. It is even harder to find the one that fits your specific journey. I can help to build a bike and a touring rig that is OK from day one for you and also for your boy/girlfriend!

Stock bikes rarely come with dynamos and internal geared hub, which are incredibly useful during a bike tour. These luxury tools come with an added price: they come inside a hub and you need to find an experienced person who laces them to a wheel.  I also build strong wheels for the tourers, dynamo hubs and IGH wheels can be easily included.

The bikes that I do don’t reflect any marketing outlandish trend. They are beautiful, highly efficient, simple-to-repair, durable no-nonsense bikes. The only frustrating moment of my workflow is separating me from the bike I built. when the client buys it!