Some time ago I wanted to climb some big mountains the way the champions of the past did. I wanted to be smooth, get out of the saddle and rock my bike from side to side with ease. I’m no lycra man, I’m a flat-clipfree pedal cyclist and I have no friends available to follow me with a motorcade. The equation was complicated, but not the solution: I put together all my faults I did in the past and used them to work on the right components to get the lightest road touring bike. And to get most of the feeling of a race bike without giving up on reliability and a sufficient hauling capacity to be independent from the world.

Many of the bikes that I build today in this category are upcycled bikes. This kind of bikes fits perfectly all the needs of the category, they are affordable, durable, stylish and every piece is unique.

Bikepacking - Campo Imperatore, Gran Sasso

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