Nomadicness bikes are sustainable. I respect the environment and mother nature in multiple ways.

  • I rescue old bikes and give them a new life. During this process I fit new components but never throw away scrap parts. I cycle and recycle through new and old components, to make more affordable or more expensive bikes.
  • I never use chemical paint strippers to remove paint. I do it mechanically, with maximum care and respect of the old and precious metal underneath.
  • I often use natural products to prevent rust from inside and out of the frames. This option is available for those who like the raw steel look and those who don’t ride in aggressive environments like salted streets.
  • I try, as much as I can do, to buy components from environment friendly companies.
  • I promote the use of the bike not only for fun but also for commuting to work and for touring. I encourage to spend your vacation on a bike, maybe reaching your preferred location by train+bike, or boat+bike, the greener means of transport. I discourage the use of electric bikes, especially off road, unless you have some disability.
  • I privilege traditional materials like metal over plastics and resin fibers. I use and promote natural fabrics like cotton duck over synthetic fibers or other ecologically detrimental materials.
  • Everything I make is meant for a responsible fruition of the environment and the wilderness.
In the wild, always remember that we are the guests


This little cricket is welcome aboard of my bike. Where do we go next?