The Islands

Circumnavigation of three Mediterranean islands: Corsica, Sardinia and San Pietro Island, all by bike
new moon

New Moon, New Challenge

Under this moon I'll be solo travelling on a long adventurous route. The only motorized vehicles I'll use will be a couple of ferries. All the rest will rely on my legs.  I will be updating these pages whenever possible. I opened a…

Ascent to the Roman Volcano

This has been one my very first ride with a fully laden bike. I wanted to test a nice and sometimes steep ascent in preparation of a planned journey. I made a rare early rise for a late riser like me: 5 a.m. of a hot mid summer new day. I…

Circeo’s Natural Sanctuary long ride

Passing through the biosphere of a Unesco natural reserve, the roads of the Pianura Pontina are almost desert during springtime. Lakes, seashore, countryside and the forest are the ingredients of a perfect travel through primeval nature.