Upcycled bikes are affordable, durable, stylish. I reuse old chromoly steel frames from first class tubing (often Columbus, Dedacciai, Reynolds) which are pretty much eternal when they haven’t been neglected. Most of these frames are made in Italy and stayed in Italy. Since I currently live in Italy, I can get them for a reasonable price, whereas in other places the same models can sell for foolish prices.

I realign everything’s necessary to setup a solid base for a light touring bike. Next step is a delicate sandblasting with round glass beads. This process, made with the right tools and pressures, insures a complete stripping of the old paint without damaging the steel underneath. After all the paint is gone, I thoroughly inspect the frame for rust or cracks. In case some issue is found I evaluate if to trash the frame or if a repair is worth it. I produce then a document that describes the repairing process, which is always meant to restore 100% of the original functionality. I anyway have a strict policy about faulty frames. This means that I have a consistent number of scrap frames.

Finally I apply powder coating and cure the frame and fork in the oven for a durable, scratch resistant industry level coating.

On the completely renewed frame, I then install modern, reliable, brand new components and gearing that are optimal for road bike touring and/or off road gravel.

If and only if a component is in pristine condition or it has a consistent aesthetic or historic quality I may leave it on the final bike. The same goes for painting. When a frame is too good to be paint stripped, I restore it just by de-greasing it,  touching it up and protecting it.

Most of the models will fit both road tires and gravel, both 700C and 650b tires,  to give you a more flexible machine. All in all wheels are almost everything for a bike! Wheels are hand made by me, so I can choose the right hubs, spokes and rims for the purpose.

Upcycled bikes are also often used as commuting city bikes to tackle the everyday urban environment.

As I build an upcycled bike, I will post the steps on my Instagram , or in this same site updates.  If you see something of your interest, you can reserve a bike even during the works in progress, before it goes on sale or on auction.

Upcycled bikes are particularly requested. Infact, they offer lightness, lifetime durability and extreme sexiness at a lower price point.  Oh, and every piece is pretty unique!